Just in Case You Need an Explanation

Once I thought that I didn’t mean to find any solution by posting my life. I just needed to say what I used to think when I was around my friends and I would’ve loved to say those thoughts aloud, but sometimes fear came along and bit my tongue.

Some things are not easy to change. I still bite my tongue when I need to address a topic by simply speaking up.

This little blog of mine is my mechanism to reflect about different things that happen to me while going out and living my life.

Also, it is my search an alternative to keep my mind busy, away from the different negative inputs life has to offer.

It seems selfish to talk about my life and pretend to know that people might care of whatever it is that I deal with every day. However, why is it a selfish act to tell who would occasionally read my blog about my life?

Well, I have found out so far that writing can become a little cathartic in order to make out some sense on things which are hard to find any sense.

An outlet to let my inspiration run wild. Love to know what you think.

This blog is an attempt to heal. This is not an attempt to be a drama queen. There are bigger problems than mine, but my problems are the only one I can handle right now.



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