The House With Small Walls

step25bAs I grew up, I had the misfortune to  experience a lot of distinct eerie moments, which I never thought, would have a relevance of what would come toward me years later. I had always been scared of those things people say ‘crawl in the night.’ Why wouldn’t nobody be afraid? It’s part of what we are taught to feel when something goes beyond the realm of factuality and credibility.

Once, as in my early teens, I stayed at home. My parents and siblings had left to a family reunion party. I was never into those gatherings: a crowd of people who fakes a smile to you as a blood-bond is shared, which has washed away through the marital connection of the parents. Therefore, I rather preferred to stay at home.

That occasion, I witnessed something I haven’t found an explanation yet. I went to bed. I had turned off all the lights and checked every room. I used to get a little jumpy when I stayed at home alone at night. Though, I think it is the safest thing to do.

I turned on the television in my room and muted it. I wasn’t feeling very brave to sleep in complete darkness.

As I was falling asleep, I started hearing a hissing sound. It was faint, so I believed it might be the wind blowing through a crack in the wall. While I was drowsing, rolling in. my bed, the sound grew. The inner walls, which divided the rooms in my house, were thin. The sound had become louder, shifted from a hissing sound to a forced exhaling.

I opened my house and my mind immediately pictured a snake under my bed. I’m terrified of snakes. Though, it couldn’t be since I checked under my bed. Before that, I began checking under my bed because once I had slept with one under my cousin’s bed. From the edge of my bed, I tried to reach for the light switch. The lights went on and I checked under my bed, but there was nothing in there. I went to my sister’s room, which was next to mine. There was nothing there either.

I went to bed, assuring myself that there was just a dream. I turned on the television, which I hadn’t turned off and set to go off by itself.

As I was closer to fall asleep, the exhaling began. This time around, it was louder than before. I immediately thought it could be a snake. I hadn’t ever heard one, but that wasn’t definitely one making that chilling sound. I turned the lights and looked around my room for something strong enough and big enough to knock someone out. Someone got in, I thought. When walking to the other room, I just wished for a snake to be there.

I opened the room’s door slowly, introduced my hand rubbing the wall upside and down, looking for the switch. Nothing happened. There weren’t any stomping sounds. I opened the door and saw nobody, not even the snake. I checked under the bed and into the closet. There was nothing.

I turned on every single light from my house. I checked every single room. The only person there was me.

But, what was making that awful sound? Was I dreaming without having fallen completely asleep?

I went to my room and left the light on again. The television was off. I stood in the middle of room waiting for someone to attack me or a snake to bite me. Nothing! I went to bed and stared at the window, just waiting for someone to break in.

Getting closer to fall in slumber, the exhaling sound came back. I jumped out of my bed and went to the living room, I turned every lamp and bulb in my proximity waiting for my parents to get home.


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