He Who Has Green Eyes

Halloween is approaching. The spooky side of October is getting closer and closer. As to commemorate the occasion, I share another real supernatural episode that I lived.  

I used to love sleeping with the windows open. Having the moonlight coming through my window, illuminating it with its gleaming dim light was my joy during full moon nights. I loved the sentiment that the room would be wrapped with. I would just imagine my room as one of those from the novels I love to read.

One night, the moon was at its hight peak. The silver covering the street, the bushes in my mom’s garden, and the every inch of my body as I stood by the window. I was immersed in a great moment of joy as I glimpsed that time of the month. I pulled the curtains all the way. I sat on my bed to look around my room and take a last peek before going to bed.

Hours later, I started feeling someone pushing my left shoulder back with great effort. Years before that, I used to share room with my brother. In my slumber, I berated my brother without even opening my eyes.

But, the pushing continued. I turned my upper body toward my brother, then I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. It wasn’t my brother. For a moment I couldn’t even utter the faintest sound. I immediately froze. I couldn’t understand what I was looking at.    Against my body’s will and fear, I managed to glance up at the window: it was closed. Though the curtains were still pulled to the sides, the window hadn’t been opened at all.

With the little courage I had left, I turned my eyes to the figure sitting on the edge of my bed. It was wearing a thick, purple cowl. Its face was hid under the hood. It kept pushing my back over and over. With each push, it kept lifting its head up. I felt my heart pumping faster and faster. I wanted to yell but a pressure drowned any sound I tried to voice.


As the figure lifted its head, I got to see its eyes first: shining emerald green eyes. I had never seen such  bright eyes in the past before. For an instant, I was captivated by the brightness of its eyes. As it kept moving its head up, I discovered its face, his delicate features under those prominent eyes. Its high cheeks, a prominent lower jaw and chin, a fuller lower lip and a narrow nose unfolded as the moonlight threw light upon to reveal the face of that gorgeous something which occupied a place near the edge of my bed.

I stared for an instant, until a smirk shifted its ethereal semblance. A big laugh came out of his mouth,  stirring in terror up to the last cell in my body. I closed my eyes and breathed in all the air I could and shouted “GO AWAY!”

I thought I had screamed so loud as to wake up everybody. But, there wasn’t any sign of movement. The silent still reigned each corner of the house. I seated on my bed, searching for the figure. The moon lit brightly every little corner. I figured  the figure had left right after I shouted and opened my eyes. I could move again. I ran to the door and turned on the lights. As I was catching my breath, I immediately sprinted toward the window and closed the curtains. I left the light on all night.

I told my story to some friends weeks later while having an unrequested chat about supernatural moments we have had, but none of them knew what had visited me that night. One friend said that I was visited by an archangel. But, I have no clue so far what it was. I keep getting goosebumps every time I tell the story aloud.


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