The Last Visit (Part 3) Final


Patricia looked down to her knees. Her hands pressed her ties hard. She sobbed. She didn’t look at Jake eye to eye. She just wanted to speak and finished with her agony.

Jake was baffled by her state. When he saw her, staring at the wall, lost in her thoughts, he immediately suspected of the guards. He got enraged but kept collected.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He demanded. He wanted to shake her to get some answers out of her. He grew anxious. He yelled at her, “Say something, Goddamnit!”

She raised her head. Her eyeliner had spread around her eyes.  Black tears cover her reddish cheeks. She sobbingly started talking, “There’s nothing wrong,” she rubbed the tears away from her face. “I got emotional. That’s all!” she added, trying to keep some pretended composure.

Jake didn’t bite it. “Did they do something to you?” He growled at her. He stood up and pointed at the door which was closed from the moment he was in.

“No, they didn’t. Like I told you. I just got emotional. I hadn’t seen you for so long.” She had stopped sobbing. She needed to calm herself down, for the way he had reacted at seeing her crying, she knew he wasn’t the man he was once. He had never chided her for crying before.

Jake sat down next to her and scowled at her. She took a guess of how much time left she had. She realized that she didn’t have much. Jake had started rubbing her hand on her back. She knew what it really meant. She wasn’t there for that. She needed to let him know that it was over between them. Though, she was shaken up. He kept rubbing her back and her tight. He kissed her on her neck. An aversion for his moves invaded her.

She pulled him away. He stared at her in disdain. His eyes divulged a frightening rage she had never seen before. He grabbed her and made her stand.

“What’s wrong with you, woman? Huh? Don’t tell me it’s nothing because I know there’s something!” he cussed out at her, pulling her face closer to him.

She felt scared. He started shaking her, demanding answers.

Suddenly, she released herself from his grip.

“Calm down, babe!” she whispered while stretching her arm out toward him to let him not to get any closer. “Let’s sit down, please!” she added. She still held her arm to signal him not to get closer. She realized the door was behind him.

“I will tell you,” she voiced out, making an effort to remain calm and collected. He grinned at her, but he raised his hands to unfold his will to listen. “Ok!” she replied to his manners. She breathed deeply to regain confidence. “I need to talk to you, Jake. I was crying before I didn’t know how to say this to you.” Jake kept looking at her expressionless. She assumed by his look that he was all ears to her, though his cold stare concerned her.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this that we have. People know who you are. I’ve been unemployed for six months now. I can’t continue like that. I’m behind in my rent payment. I didn’t have any money to pay for a coffee and a snack this morning.” She managed to remain serene and calm, though her voice broke several times. She paused to take a deep breath. Her hands trembling while they rested on her lap.

Jake kept staring at her quietly, he had barely moved since he sat down. It unsettled her. Then, she resumed.

“I’ve applied for two jobs. But they have told me that they can’t hire the wife of a felon. They see me as if I had something to do with what you did.” She bursted in tears. She pinched her fingertips with her nails to regain strength.

“I can’t go on like this for other six months, babe. I need to have a job.” She stammered, then added, “I’m also sick of this place. I can’t bear coming here every week and put myself through all this. The scanning. The registration. Everything that they do. I don’t deserve this.” Her voice raised at the end of her declaration. She had perceived Jake’s change. His eyes shifted from the dead grimace to a puppy-like look. He pressed his lips as to hold back his laughter.

Patricia was puzzled. Was he getting her point? Did he already know what she’d come to do? He had stood up and she chased his stroll with her eyes across the tiny room. He had placed his hands around his neck and pulled his head back.

“So,” he uttered, “You are embarrassed of having a felon for a husband, right? He kept looking at the door, giving his back to Patricia.

“That’s not what I meant,” she timidly replied. “I… I…” Jake interrupted her stammering.

“You say that you are sick of coming here and going through all that shit.” He turned around. His gaze at her disdainfully. She slowly got up from the hard-mattress bed and took a step backward. “I’ve been here all this type and you think I love it. You think I enjoy doing my business in front of other inmates. You think I had fun when I have to take a shower and there are fifteen other man doing so. You think I love eating the shitty food they give us. Bullshit.” He walked toward her. He was just a step away. Patricia was terrified, though she tried with all her might to remain collected. She kept quiet as well.

Jake turned around and walked away. Patricia took a glance to the door and the lock. He noticed what she was looking at when he had moved to face her again and looked back at the door. He pointed at it, mocking her that if she wanted to go out she could, but he had crossed his arms around his chest and stood stiffly.

She had never felt this sort of terror before. She looked at the men who she had met years ago and still cared about, she thought he would understand her. She had faith on the love he would have for her to let her go. But, the truth was revealed to her through the coldness of his eyes. In front of her stood a man who she had never met before.

He took steps closer to her, slowly. “See this?” he asked, “this is what my life is now because of you.”

“Because of me?”

“Yeah!” he replied, “You are so beautiful and perfect. I had to steal to keep you next to me. I promised you so much… and I wasn’t giving that to you. And you deserved it.” he lowered at her.

Patricia choked herself when she tried let a cry for help out. She froze against the wall. She just stared down to collect her sense. Jake had reached her, he ran his finger along her black long hair, he caressed her ears and moved his fingers around her jaw. He kept moving his hand down, without losing contact with her body. He gently grabbed her breasts, while sniffing her hair. He rubbed his shaved, spiked beard around her face and neck. He kept groping her. She just stood quiet. Her terror was palpable in her heart, it beat faster and faster. His left hand gripped her neck. He pressed it with manly strength as if she was a wounded animal ready to be slaughtered. His grip got stronger as she also felt his right hand going up. He had his both hands around her neck. Then he sobbingly whispered, “Why did you make me do this?”


Newscast reports murder of woman visiting inmate at the Springs Prison. Woman was choked to death. Inmate committed suicide after killing wife.

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