At Least We Tried?


When I think of how much I have lost through the years at a personal level, due to bad investments, negative professional endeavors to failed relationships, I have always ended up convincing myself how much I’ve grown and how far I have come since then.

However, when pondering on the aftermath, what a loss of political and social fight against an alleged unfair tax reform might mean, I wonder how important a defeat would be.

The goal, from the beginning, has always been to pull away the project from the house of representatives to work on a more realistic and equitable one. There is no doubt about it that hope is still on our side as discrepancies are being disclosed. But what if everything has been for nothing? Should I feel frustrated that the power from the most economically powerful people have managed to doom the life of the less fortunate and fooled the Democratic system which a lot of people believe in?

I think I should not.

I made my choice to engage in a legitimate process of denouncing an unbiased system of lawmaking. This choice highlights the true nature of what a democratic country is all about: having the right to speak out. Also, there are people who have the right to speak out in opposition to the fight because they strongly agree with what the government is seeking to accomplish. It doesn’t mean that one is being an anarchist and the other is being a traitor to a cause.

There are instances when the right to choose what to do is the power given by God (or Gods, depending on anyone’s beliefs) and the law of humankind.  That would be the bright side of this defeat, if it becomes that.

I’ve been thinking about each of the different messages, posts and articles I have read about the point in question. I have sensed so much negative sentiments, causing me to find the positive outcome out of it.

First of all, I guess that I will repeat what most people say to themselves when something didn’t end up the way it was intended to: ‘At Least We Tried.’ Some people around the world have become so comfortable with whatever other people impose over them, which it makes them unable to fight back. Thus, having the opportunity to speak out is what democracy stands for and I’m capable of celebrating it by choosing to do so.

Secondly, I am showing my presence. There should not be ‘second class citizens.’ This term should not exist. By showing my government that I am here and I exist, I know I probably strengthened the very foundations which people before me helped to build and maintain. Every individual from any social background is entitled to search for a life stability and self-guard it.

Finally,  before this strike began, I had watched the fight people have partaken against the injustices from insensitive and, perhaps, negative sociopathic people who has disregarded the welfare of others. I intensively followed the different movements in the US against the negligence, which people took to the level of campaigning to make it stop. So, I believe I drew inspiration from them to do, what I have believed, is right for everybody who would be affected with the approval of this infamous tax reform, including myself.

As a moral and political lessons for me, to stop believing what my heart tells my is right in order to please the outsiders would completely crumble the system of defense and self-pride which build up the core of my what my personality and ideologies are based on.


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