The Last Visit (Part 1)

This is my second attempt of writing a short story. It’s slightly based on an event that recently occurred. But this is the first one I have published in here. 



September 23rd. A bright, sunny morning greeted Patricia when she stepped out of her small apartment on Sixth Street in Lake Town. She put her sunglasses right away, the morning sun blinded her for a moment. She was not expecting such brightness at that early hour.

Her car, a grey ’94 Toyota Camry Sedan, was parked outside her compound. She walked straight to it while going through her purse to find her car keys.

“Good Morning, Patricia! On your way to see Jake?” greeted and inquired Mrs. Black, an recently-widowed resident.

“Oh, Hi Mrs Black. Yes, I am. If only I could find my car keys.” Patricia approached Mrs. Black while going through her purse. She found her keys just a few steps away from her, but decided to chat for a couple of minutes.

“He’s a good man, you know!” Mrs. Black pointed out after some trivial exchanges about the weather and neighbor gossips at her front door.

“I know, ma’am.” Patricia replied in a soft, kind of guilty tone.

The road was practically empty. It was too early to see any car driving around. She drove the large avenue to find a place to buy a hot cup of coffee and a cinnamon bagel. She was not a morning person. She found a food truck, parked across from the City Hall. She approached while looking for some spare change in her purse.

“Hey, Pattie!” Someone had addressed her a few steps away from the truck. She rose her head and saw Nick.

“Hey, dude! What’s up? What are you doing in there?” she was surprised of seeing her senior class friend, Nicholas Rivers, in a food truck.

“What do you think I’m doing, girl?” he raised his arms and hands to show her his food truck apron.

“Do you own a food truck?” she replied, mouth-opened.

“No, Pattie. I work here. I was hired last week.” He sounded happy, though his voice had lowered a little after Patricia’s question.

Patricia knew what she had done. Nicholas had very big dreams back then, yet none of them seemed to work out, since he was there, waiting for costumers to sell whatever the food truck sold.

“That’s wicked!” she instantly replied after collecting her thoughts to compliment Nick. “I bet you get lots of free food. I would love to work in a food truck.” she added, gesturing a mouthwatering face.

Nickolas smiled at her and blushed a little. His face got the same sparkle she saw when he greeted her. “What can I do for you, Pattie?”

“I would like a cup of coffee and a little snack. What do you recommend?” He waved his hand signaling to wait, as if he was about to give her the best bagel she had ever tasted. He appeared quickly holding a carton cup of coffee and a croissant with lettuce, mustard and well-fried bacon.

“Wow! That looks yummy!” she knew right away she had made a mistake because she didn’t have as much money to pay for it. She resumed looking for change or some cash in her purse and pockets. She was starting to feel a little embarrassed.

“It’s on the house, Pattie!” Nick interrupted her fruitless quest.  She had always been the only one person who had shown him any sort of attention and kindness when talking to him back then. Besides, he had a crush on her.

“I can’t, Nick. I just can’t!” she added, holding lots of coins in her left hand.

“As you said, Pattie, I get lots of free food.” He had already bent over the counter, holding the croissant and her hot coffee. “Please, take it,” he added, “the coffee is really hot!”

She put her change in her pockets. She blushed and thanked him. They said good bye and promised to hang out some other day to catch up. She suggested to pay for the coffee. He smiled at her and agreed.

She looked at her watch. She realized she was running a little bit late. She would end up trapped in a block-long line. She sat down in her car, ate her croissant and drove off. She kept drinking her coffee as she drove out of the city. It was a four hour drive. She tried not to think of it.

She had already delayed it for four weeks now. She had to do it. Besides, Jake had been calling her around four times a week, whenever he could, to demand her to visit him. He was getting more impatient by the day.

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