My Black Sock

This event really happened to me when I was a child. I have experienced several unexplainable ‘incidents.’ This was the first one I remembered. 

I used to have only two pairs of black socks. They were my favorite. I wore them even when I went to bed. I enjoyed sleeping with them.

My room was a small one. I slept alone. I started sharing it with my younger brother  until I was ten. My dad had started building a new closet. Though, he left the bottom part of it unfinished for quite a while since he didn’t have time.

At night, spite of the street lights coming in through the windows, the bottom of the closet remained extremely dark.  I had a few toys stuffed in there but I wasn’t able to spot them at all. Everything else in my room I could definitely see, my desk and school books, my black and white television and my dirty clothes tossed on the floor. My bed was two feet away from the closet, the footboard faced it.


I had dreamed of my grandfather on my mother’s side several times. He had passed away a year ago. I was eight when he died. I had just seen him a couple of times since they lived far away from us. I was told I was one of his few favorite grandchildren. He didn’t speak much. He was an immigrant and didn’t speak the language which most of us spoke. We were not taught to speak English, his language.

One night, I dreamed of him, but it was a different dream. I used to look back at moments of him, which had slipped my memory while sleeping. They were fun. Some were stories that my mom used to tell me about him and her childhood; I saw myself observing my mom reenacting her stories. Those were fun dreams.

That night, I dreamed I was in my grandparents’ porch. I sat in one of the rocking chairs. Some kids were skating on the street. I wasn’t since I didn’t have a pair of roller-skates, though I enjoyed watching them.

My grandpa walked past the porch and stared at me. I stared back and kept staring until he was gone. Then, I turned to watch the kids playing, but they were gone. I stood up and walked to the edge of the porch. I examined the street in search for the kids, but none of them were there. Actually, nobody was there.

I was about to go inside when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It stopped me. I turned and noticed it was my grandfather. “You’re dead, grandpa!” I said, while turning all the way to stand in front him. Both of his hands were on my shoulder.

“I know, son!” He replied sweetly. I was surprised because I was able to understand him. I could never do so when he was alive.

“What are you doing here?” I added,”Grandma is inside”

“I didn’t come to see her. I came to see you.”

“Oh! Why?” I replied back.

“I’m here to take you, son.” his voice was still soft, but her grip became tighter and stronger.

“What do you mean? You’re dead!” I started to struggle to release myself from his grip with no avail. Then, I felt something pulling my legs down as well. I tried to set myself free, but whatever was holding me was pulling stronger.

As I was dreaming, I slightly woke up from my dream and felt something pulling from legs. I took a look at the end of the bed. I only saw my legs being dragged to the dark bottom of my closet. I kicked randomly to release my legs. I grabbed the headboard. I pushed myself toward it. When I set free, I shrank my legs under my blanket and hold my legs. I wrapped my arms around my legs. I wanted to call my parents but they would not do anything but tugged me in and scolded me for waking them up. I fell sleep again and found myself in my grandparents’ porch again. My grandfather suddenly appeared in front of me, taller than before.

“You are going with me, son!” he roared. His voice was harsher and louder. My legs were being pulled down again. I screamed and cried. “Don’t take me please!,” I  managed to shout at him. At once, I woke up. I sat down on my bed, pressing myself against the headboard. I breathed heavily.

I prayed over and over again until I fell asleep. I didn’t dream with my grandfather anymore.

On the next day, when I woke up, I only had one sock on. When I came back from school I researched for it. I searched every I never found it. Before I was getting ready to go to school, I did notice some scratches on my left foot.

I moved my bed away from my closet.


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