I love June. My birthday is in June. But if I have to choose another month as my favorite, I would choose October.

First, the heat of summer is almost gone. I’ve started to feel the freshness of the cold breeze which settles around the city. The trees get to change their colors from a bright green to a subtle reddish brown.


People seem to get nicer and calmer.

Scarfs, coats, boots, and warm jeans parade everywhere I turn and go around. I look at people enjoying their Autumn attires, wrapping themselves to feel as comfy as if they were at home in bed.

And the best of October is Halloween. I rarely disguise, but when I do, I try to have as much fun as I could.

The unlimited varieties of candies, which adorns the window from different stores, allure those cravers of sweetness and bitterness at the same time.


Stories of the paranormal govern the chat among friends. Cool afternoons filled with those stories while drinking a hot chocolate at the local cafe.

There’s not any other month which makes me feel like a child again.

Hence, this months I share a few spooky stories of the paranormal that had certainly happened to me. I’ll keep you posted!




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