Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History

Powerful quote! First time I heard was on The Gifted when I was watching yesterday. Poor of me, I must admit! Thankfully, Internet taught some new and enlightening as it always does. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, an American historian of early America and the history of women and a professor at Harvard University, said the famous quote, which went viral, ended up on t-shirts, and she wrote about it.


But, when I heard it yesterday for the first time, it immediately stroke a nerve. It got me thinking on the truth it encapsulates, not only for women, but for minorities and oppressed individuals who have slept long enough under a totalitarian, disguised-democracy regime.

Rarely do we decide to take matters, which are pushing us to a corner, with the gripping and heartbreaking tenacity to go against those who prefers to see us down and rejoice on our misery.  We prefer to stay civil, indifferent and tamed.

Well-behaved women, LGBTQI people, black people, immigrants and whoever who has had to turn the other chick in fear of retaliation must stop acting as disciplined children who craves for the affection and acceptance of a narcissist (psychopath, at times) parent.

gtmhCJuMxqelqlu-800x450-noPadI used to believe that my government authorities were searching for the means to give everyone the right to be who they are, to live the life they have chosen and to thrive in a world controlled by the higher classes in order to live decently and happily. For so many years I thought I should just play along and, sooner or later, my behavior would be awarded by fulfilling the desires I had always wanted.

On the contrary, no one who abides by the desire of corrupt men, who reach the highest level of our government to please his own desire and honor the favors of those who have more than the common people has accomplished anything, survives. So many countries I have seen having this struggle. From the most powerful nations to the least powerful and newest nations, the well being of people have come to past as a romantic ideology we only get to read in books and desire for one of those heroes to come and save the day. I have distressed by this wave of unfair treatment to everyone who fought hard to get the basic rights and rewards of their labour. Rights have been deprived and abolished.

Well-behaved people not only retrain themselves from making history, they disappear from it. The will which a few fighters have vanishes as the dust of the thousand boots stomping on ground head toward them. Nobody nearby to provide courage and meaning to their fight because everybody has chosen to be proper, civil and diffident.

What would become of us, fighter or non-fighter? Would we rise up and stop being well-behaved to claim what is rightfully ours?





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