Work Tomorrow? Not Yet!


On September 10th, I joined the national movement against the tax reform. Tomorrow would begin the third week since this strike started. How much have we accomplished so far? It is hard to tell. But, a few breakthroughs have become known publicly, which have empowered other sectors to join in.

Despite their veracity, sources reported disputes between the presidents and certain counselors. However, the separation among the representatives have shown that the struggle has a foundation and a meaning. Such separation from the reform has become public. Some have used their Facebook and Twitter to show either support or rejection to the cause.

Last Saturday, a judge declared the strike movement as illegitimate for a government department. Most protesters felt sorry for this ruling against one of our fellow fighters and public workmate. Some even accepts the ruling due to the lack of participation from that department.

At certain point, I started to hesitate on my position for this fight. I started to feel troubled and concerned. Many different ‘what if’s starting to intensify my urgency to step back. Although, I blocked any self-doubt and decided to continue the fight. I pondered of the few pushes we must give back in order to warrantee a fairness in the law-making process.

Suddenly, a beacon of light has come to allow a fight to endure and search for a better, lawful treatment from dishonorable lawmakers.

As for the bad news for my fellow public workers, they changed in their favor. The International Labour Organization (ILO) overruled the declaration ruled by the judge concerning the illegitimacy of the strike. The organization sanctioned the ruling and  implied if such rulings continue coming against the protesters who have shown and earned the legitimacy for the movement, legal actions against the country will be taken due to the obstruction of laborers’  and humans’ rights.

As a worker, I have participated in different strikes, but the level of hatred and opposition from the well-heeled sectors of society expressed through defamation and dishonesty have almost gotten into my head. But, knowing that there are powers, beyond our boundaries, which are backing us up, fills my spirit back with hope and fervor.





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