Hush: Movie Review

Have you seen “Hush” on Netflix? If you haven’t seen it, you should give this movie a try.  Looking for something to watch while waiting for new episodes of your favorite series? Having no clue of what to watch for a Friday movie night?

Go to Netflix and watch this film.


I had some spare time from my real-life job and wanted to watch a movie, despite the movie being a blockbuster or unknown film. I am opened to any Netflix would suggest me to watch. So, I just scrolled down the film options and stumbled on with “Hush.”

I read the short synopsis and didn’t quite feel the need to click play.  However, I didn’t have anything else to do and didn’t want to waste my time scrolling down (as I usually do). Therefore, I clicked play.

Best decision I have made recently. Cutting my hair shorter than usual wasn’t one of them.

The film revolves around Maddie, a writer,  and her fight for survival against a maniac murderer. The reclusiveness of her house and her inability to hear and talk makes offer this film moments of thrill and nerve spiking. There isn’t much dialogue which avoids the interference of sometimes bored monologues and focuses more on the live-action and interaction of the few characters this film contain.

Without the use of any special visual effect or any other mechanism, this film really kicks you out your seat (or bed if you prefer to watch the film laying down) in certain occasion.  Besides, you’re rooting for the protagonist to make it out alive. This horror-thriller type of film keeps you entertained and on the verge.

Score: 9 out of 10. You’ll enjoy it if you choose to see it.





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