Blame It on the Hero

Heroes are never born heroes. Even, when they are rising up, against the odds to pursue a dream-like ideology against those who oppose a threat to welfare, they are viewed as enemies. The struggle they undergo is tough, relentless and, at certain point, unjust. They don’t get any truce whatsoever. They are marginalized, until a slight beam of light appears to reveal the true nature of the real enemy or how their powers can crack the wall.


Protesters are one of those heroes. They are Hercules. As Hercules’ strength, they have used theirs to lift the citizenship’s hope and to mantain the search of a whole country wellbeing. Their endurance against the adversity exhibits the significance in their quest, the toughness against all those distractors who often picture them as enemies of the peace by attacking their integrity and mission.

As the movement to paralyze the country’s public and some private services continues in order to fight against the inequitable tax reform, certain sources inform how the impact of those brave protesters has affected the core of the nation’s executive power. The heroes are seeing their beam of light.

Allegedly, people have been circulating messages claiming that the president and vice-president have been shouting at each other. They have had a beef over what to do with this reform and how to deal with the protesters, which has been one of their major problems. One is in total disposition to sit down and have a conversation with the protester’s leader, yet the other is hesitant for such discussion to take place.

A national newspaper reports vice-president refused and denied any sort of beef among him and the president. However, the article also states both of them haven’t had an affable relationship from the start.

TV news broadcasts have also been accused of telling people what this reform really means to them. Citizens have stood up against them when they’ve been approached to denounce the lack of commitment to inform truthful reports. One citizen, whose interview became country-level viral, answered a reporter’s questions politely by stating at the end he’s opposition to the reform,  adding how the channel the reporter works for has evaded the payment of taxes and how the new reform exclude it for paying taxes.


Hearing those news, being whether totally true or ‘mere’ allegations, I presume that the power of the people and their conviction are posing a positive threat to the making of decisions from the government authorities. Some representatives have even come forward in disagreement with this dreadful tax reform.

Heroes never start their quest without fear and doubt. Yet, as the battle goes on, they find more strength to carry on. Democracy is needed of heroes, and people can be those heroes.



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