Realistic Fiction

Great novels turn to great film adaptations (sometimes). Special effects, which blow our minds, entertain us. Lead roles, female or male, make us sympathize with them and believe so devotedly in their struggle. Main characters, protagonists who oppose to whatever they are faced with, turn us into their followers in their crusade. Books such as Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games, George Orwell’s 1984 or Margaret Atwood’s The Handmade’s Tale transport us to places with a torrent of injustice we can barely accept the unfairness the main and secondary characters undergo.

Films such as 2013 Snowpiercer, 2005 V For Vendetta, and 2017 What Happened to Monday? are just some other samples related to the same issue: A Dystopian Society. Cruel to the weak, the poor, the sick, or the political defenceless citizen. How great those films and books are. Full with many unbelievable stories where our oppressed heroes rise to overthrow the ruthless oppressor, who came to power for the misinterpreted desire of others to stand by the commodity and favor of the before-mentioned ruler.

Great books and films I must admit. I’ve read or watched them several times I guess I have lost count.

Though, yesterday I witnessed something that had a slight allusion to those plots. I sat down when I got home to  pinpoint where this sensation was coming from. Then, it became evident. The little event, which might appear insignificant to ones or so transcendental to others, resembled a little to those films and books. I believe it might be perceived as the beginning of what those societies witnessed and let it pass by.

I was running some errands when I saw an official confiscating a vehicle’s plate. I didn’t think it didn’t transpire any adverse consequence to what it seemed to be a routine process of law infringement from the driver. When I looked closely, I realized there was more to it. People gathered, recorded the incident, took pictures and asked questions to the officer, “What law has been broken for you to remove the plates?” “What did we do, officer? Can you tell us?”

To my surprise when I stood closer, I realized that the officer was sent to confiscate any plate of any public transport service if it was confirmed they were being used to carry protesters.  People, who chose to speak out against the new tax law, were being penalized for exercising their right to protest. Such right, by the way, has been exerted peacefully.


I came to realize while writing this post that this incident might look unfair and outrageous to me. However, there are places where the power of authorities have gone beyond the simple act of removing plates: Venezuela, North Korea, Siria, among others. Those fictional movie and book plots have crossed the margin of fantasy to the boundaries of reality.

We have been shown and taught so many different lessons through the fantastic world of fiction, but little have we learned from it.



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