Bleach: Movie Review

I’m about to attempt pennig a review of a Netflix movie. I’m not an official, credential-ish movie critic, but anyone can give a shot at critiquing something sometimes, can’t I?

Thus, let’s get into reaping-apart-someone’s-heart-and-soul-hard-work mode.

BL_honpos_setFirst of all, I want to state that I’m a fan of the show. This film began a manga publication; eventually, moved to television as an Anime series and becoming a so-awaited live action movie. Probably, I’m not a die-hard fan. However, I watched the entire series and have re-watched the available episodes on Netflix twice. Hence, I guess I have some degree of entitlement to bestow some hard love on this critique.

Let’s start with: Characterization. I’ll start with the obvious, which might not seem  relevant for some but it helps keeping the illusion alive: Styling. From the clothing to the hair, there were some misses, especially in the main characters, such as Ichigo, Renji, Chad and Orihime. Ichigo’s hair looks like a drag queen’s cheap wig. Although, I wasn’t expecting for the bright, vibrant orange color he has in the series, but it lacks that punk factor. Whatever Renji has stuck on his forehead doesn’t resemble anything to the Anime. As far as I know, that thing might’ve resembled sunglasses, not a bondage thingy to incite a sexual slave to bend over. Chad wears his school uniform properly. But, there’s something very difficult to notice on Orihime. What would it be?

Well, let’s move on.

Casting. I do believe the casting was spot on. Each of the actors who were chosen has certain allure which makes us remember the characters from the anime. Their physical resemblance is also catching and interesting. I do thank, as other fans have claimed, the actors and director for providing a more realistic and less exaggerated performance, as it is characteristic of certain Japanese films. I did really enjoy watching each performance, bringing to the live action those beloved characters.

Plot. I appreciate the fact that the plot, at certain extend, revolved around Ichigo’s guilt over his mother’s death, moving the movie forward to the encounter between Ichigo and Grand Fisher: an epic battle for its first, hopefully not last, installment. On the other hand, I quite don’t understand why the competition Uryu challenged Ichigo to be part of never got a resolution, at least a more significant part in the movie. It was left there in my mind to imagine how it might’ve gone down.

Visual Effects. They are the ones I was really examining during the movie. A film of this nature, with so many horrific, nightmare-like creatures, must invest some real coin in their making. I truly believe those visual effects did justice. Another effect, which might be simpler in complexity to achieve, is the rapid-looking fights. They captured the essence of what a shinigami fight could look like.


The only disappointment was that I didn’t get to see a little bit more of interaction among Uryu and Ichigo. It would’ve helped to have that fight to let them set their differences apart. I guess!

As a fan, I was really excited when Netflix notified me about this film. I didn’t hesitate to watch it right away. Sometimes, I save films in My List to watch later, but I couldn’t put off watching this movie.

PS: This is my first review. If you like it, let me know. if you didn’t like it, let know as well. Thanks!



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