It Ain’t Just a Gray Day!

What a Wednesday! It broke the bright morning habit which I had become used to. The sky filled with gray clouds, possibly warning us of possible rains or a storm. Yet, it was not just the weather that was gloomy. People were also gray. How did this dark Wednesday reflect on our personalities or cyclic lifestyle?


I know, for certain, humans can’t control the weather. Unless witches with weather bending powers exist or Storm is not just a fictional character and she was having an unfavorable moment with Logan or Professor X. If not so, the weather was behaving as weather should behave: unpredictable and changeable.


Yet, I’m venturing myself to assure that it was putting some weight on people’s moods by resulting on a reflection upon each other. What I mean is that people were definitely in the verge of a serial interpersonal and intrapersonal breakdown. Everybody was mad with everybody. Everybody was against everybody.

Fortunately, I possess a certain mutant-like power. I have the ability to keep my cool intact. Despite the most afflicted misfortune (sort of melodramatic) I am going through, my superpower helps me to dodge any wicked vibe sent my way.  Though, I truly believe there was something on the weather, perhaps it was filled with kryptonite since my power did not work at all.

I was having breakfast, while doing so, I like reading the news through Twitter or Facebook. I prefer Twitter because I rarely stumble on people’s comments about the news which can affect my perception and judgment (that’s my krytonite. Case Closed). However, I changed such habit. Perhaps it was because of the weather.  I read Facebook.

I started reading each status. My eyes were drawn toward people’s comments under the news feed. I saw it. I sensed it. People were not having a good day. It seemed like the weather had some effect on them. They wrote mischievous conclusions on some people’s actions and choices to fight for their rights. Some also retaliated against those who were not agreeing on what they thought was the most suitable way either to handle or to address issues.

Insults were being thrown from every direction. Some, who I thought they were my friends, sided with those attacking people like me. It made me feel strangely crushed. People were fighting against each other due to actions carried out by people who have a remarkable disregard for the common people.

And that was my breakfast.

I didn’t wholly convince myself about the weather having a direct impact on people’s mood swings. Those are two separate actions that do not collide into place by time or force to provoke any sort of consequential change. Nonetheless, there was certainly something that made it happen.

I finished my coffee, sat for a moment thinking of what to do with this new revelation that I had. Then, this thought crossed my mind, “I already know what to blog about!”



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