I Did It Again!

Oops, I did it again, I made… (I guess that you almost sang the beginning of this post). But,   in deed, I dit it once again. I let my confidence take over me and I almost failed drastically. I assured myself that I was going to come out on top easily. I didn’t even realize the amount of work I allowed to pile up. I thought it was just a simple hill, but at the end of it was the freaking Everest during a blizzard.

I never learn the lesson of not putting off homework. I am extremely presumptuous that everything will turn out the way I picture it in my mind. That’s an understatement! Despite having all the time during the weekend to grab my computer, open it and start writing and reading, I preferred to spend the day laying down on my bed without any regard to my studying duties.

I kept telling to myself, “You’ve got this!,” “You read it and it’s a child’s game,” and, this is my favorite, “Mindmaps! Concept maps! A reading report! I’ll be done in two hours.”

How colossally foolish I was! It took me the whole day. I was mad, nervous, sad, desperate. My body endured substantial chemistry alterations that might have turned me into a well-deserved Oscar winner or into a Winona Ryder’s 22-facial-expression wannabe.

Luckily, I finished every single one of them. After reading page after page, yelling at my word processor, blaming my lack of experience on how to utilize Word tools, I managed to finish and uploaded each assignment thirty minutes before the time limit.

Did I learn my lesson after 1001st time of being at the same exact position? I hope so. I do have more homework to do for Monday. Though, here I am, blogging.




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