Monday Selfie

Nice to wake up on a day like this. It is always beautiful to open my eyes in the morning. Today, I would’ve been getting ready for work. I would’ve started my day with a refreshing cold shower. I would’ve had a smoothie as an early-morning breakfast. I’ve driven my car to my job, listening to my favorite tunes on Spotify. I would’ve seen the wonders of weather changing as I drive, from foggy to cloudy, from cloudy to sunny.

I say “I would’ve” because we are going through a complex time, though it is a celebration of what democracy stands for: the fight for equal rights for the whole citizenship. We are on strike. We are peacefully asking our government representatives to stop the injustice some want to impose on the people.

I’m thankful of living in a country where groups of people join forces for a common goal to seek the welfare of the collectivity.  It’s a romantic view of this struggle which might be represented as such to others. But that same romance was the engine which moved philosophers, thinkers and right fighters to stand up and be heard.

So, what my Monday selfie would look like? It would look like the sea of people strolling to demand for an equal treatment. WireAP_6bfdafa513f94e87b93ebb1042d4340c_12x5_992

Instead of a regular selfie, with me on it, this is the pic I chose for today: a sea of people from a country who is fighting for a dream of fairness, regarding their benefits, duties and rights of living in a democratic country.


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