Just Another Sunday!

I woke up at ten today. The heat of a sunny, hot Sunday broke my sleep. I opened my bedroom door, a cool breeze welcomed me. I headed to the shower. The coldness of the water woke me up but soothe my spirit. Another Sunday had just begun. I knew I would not do much today. I didn’t plan anything.

Those plans I made with a friend didn’t come to pass. They were like those great ideas to spend a Sunday with a friend which you make by texting or over some drinks, but never come true. I didn’t bother to text him. I was feeling my day was about to be a good day the way it was heading.

I had breakfast. I saw how bright and cool the rest of the morning was, it made me want to lay outside under a shade and feel that lovely cool breeze of a Sunday morning. I took a mat outside, laid it down and began reading a book.

Spite of the breeze, some drops of sweat were coming down around my back. I didn’t mind at all. I was just having a break. Enjoying a little break from every worry I might have, from any future plan I have tried to set up.

It was just a Sunday morning delight.



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