I Do Have a Meaning

In a previous post, I mentioned the words: my meaning. But, what did they mean to me? Certainly, we are all looking for a meaning. Something that allows us to get out of bed, go out and do it, and go back to bed feeling good about ourselves. We want to believe that we have left our mark in the world. Thus, it caused me to wonder if finding a meaning relates to simply feeding our egos and filling mouths with stories to share at dinner parties, to embellish our personal image when talking to workmates or to blog about. Perhaps, the latter spoke to me a little.


I also recalled once that I tried to grasp the motives which take over celebrities to engage in a great deal of deeds to help others. Is it to get awards in the future or to send a genuine message to the rest of the people who devotionally follow them? I choose to believe the latter. Also, I’ve had the feeling that most wealthy people help great humanitarian causes because they need the receipt to attach it in their tax returns. However, any goal they tend to achieve with such giving thoughts stimulates others to take action. I believe they’ve found their meaning.

But, what is my meaning again? I have neither fame nor fortune to use for proclaiming to the world the interest that I dearly hold within my heart upon a cause. I blog because I want people to know me a little better, more than my real-life friends (actually, to let those few people who read my blog know me). Yet, does blogging actually help to connect people in such level?


Well, surprisingly, it took me just a couple of days to unearth what my meaning really is.

Lately, I’ve witnessed the great amount of hatred and ignorance people from both sides of a cause can have. Not referring to those who courageously place themselves in the front line of a war zone, showing their faces to the world to be praised or attacked to because they believe their cause is righteous. I mean those people who use other tools to defend their views poorly. Away from the war zone. Away from distinctive spotlight. What do I mean by poorly? Well, knowledge is the key to scare away the ignorants and bigots. Besides, it is powerful enough to show your real compromise to the cause by knowing exactly what to say to school those who have no idea what the cause is about, how the cause is not interfering with their lives at all, or how alike their positions are. Poorly means using whatever idea, without a substantial base to back them up.

Since Inter-American Human Right Court ruled, for over 16 countries in Latino America, to start their corresponding actions to ensure same-sex marriage legibility, people flooded social media with hateful remarks. People, who were supposed to defend their well-earned right, assumed the shape of their lifetime bullies, they became those trolls who are capable to turn any good deed into a mistake. People started to realize that their so-called friends were not interested in their well-being at all. They found out those friends’ true colors, which they secretly hid because they didn’t want to lose someone who has been so fun to be around with.

I’m not implying the ruling was mistake. I would never imply that. I’m really pleased and content that the ruling was made. We deserve the right to unify our lives with the person we love legally. But, what I do mean is going after those who are causing us distress during a moment of gleeful joy by employing the same language and tactics they have constantly utilized against us. That is not the most correct course of action to take. It’s a moment to celebrate, not to fall in the weak mind games from the despisers.

Since the ruling, my task has been to educate myself before adding my name to the long list of trolls, fighting over with no clear direction or point to make. I read some many different comments from both sides that only make me wonder how well we can use all the hatred and disagreement upon our right to be happy and be considered a fully-realized citizen. My epiphany was ‘read,’ read closely and learn, think of what you can be asked and be ready to answer.

Yesterday, I was part of a discussion as the ones I have been reading. I was right there, sitting in the middle of a discussion between two friends. One is gay, the other one is straight. My two friends, who were fervently defending both sides, didn’t have much to say in order to convey an eloquent and smart claim. One used only his heart and the other exerted only his religious belief.  When they turned their heads to me, I realized that was my signal. I had to join the so-heated talk. I drew the line first, I told them that I would interfere in their quarrel without no interruption. I wanted them to listen attentively. They agreed and I proceeded. I talked using facts, laws, current and past views. I got some nods and I also got so very angry grins. But, they both listened. Obviously, I had a side.

My gay friend realized at the end of my response that he had been defending his point by using views which didn’t appeal to reasoning. My straight friend, who happens to be single mom, also realized that her religious points of view didn’t serve as a defining moment of truth to invalidate the decision that was already made.

Perhaps, I guess I didn’t change how my straight friend feels about the ruling (I don’t know if we are still friends), I do believe that she went home with a lot of information to ponder on.

After that, I realized what my meaning is. I don’t need a very wide platform to showcase my interest in a cause. I only need my self and the occasion in real life to provide others with some little education.  Therefore, when I’m actually out there in the real world, I guess that my meaning is to teach both sides those things which are and will be because history and society have paved the road to let things be prone to change.


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