Ready to Be Challenged

As you can tell by the title, I’m more than ready to undertake anything. So, let me clear the air. I believe you might’ve thought that I am here for accepting any challenge that you might think. But no. It would’ve been fun! Though, I have no clue what type of crazy ideas you could come up with. That’s a little scary! On the other hand, I’m ready to be challenged by me, to me and for me.

The challenge, which I have in mind, is one that I have delayed for so long. Due to a lack of personal disposition and the regular distrust of what the constant  failed attempts might cause to my psyche, I have doubted myself to accomplish one of my dreams.

I have always wanted to become a writer. That’s why, a while ago, I decided to blog a little about my life in order to work on my writing skills… Let’s be honest right here, right now: writing is not easy. He or she who thinks that a good post, article or book can be written on the first try might need to go to their favorite physician and get tested.

Writing is challenging. That’s why I bought a book to try a different approach. I believe that I need some kind of guide to lead me through the path of becoming a better writer and fictional writer. The book advises the reader to write as he reads along. So, that means for every chapter, there is writing challenge awaiting to be conquered.

I bought the book around May. I just read some pages and then piled it with the rest of books that I intended to read this soon-to-be past year. I thought of stating the long list of excuse that prevented me from writing and reading. But, when you really wish to achieve anything, you just need to find the time to do it. Squeeze it in. Deal with it. Or simply, get out of bed and set out to do it.

The book is called Gotham Writer’s Workshop. I came across with it when I was shopping online. Funny thing was that I didn’t think of buying a book that day. I guess that I was searching for a new portable projector. But there it was. I clicked on it and started reading the reviews. To be honest, there was something about the book. It just got my attention. I needed to have it. Maybe, I did really want it in order to get back on the horse and start writing again, so I wondered that having the book would give the kick I needed to grab my computer and type away.

Here I am now. Setting a plan to get my writing growing and getting strong. The challenge is,

Each chapter has approximately five “your turn” writing activities. My goal is to execute all of them in the course of one year. It means that I must write a piece of fictional literature once a week at least. No breaks. No idleness. No weakness. No doubts.

I hope, by the end of this year, I can really consider myself a fictional writer.

There are some pointers I guess that you would like to know about me, in case that you want to help me out through my process:

  1. English is not my first language. So, be my guest and correct my grammar and vocabulary whenever you feel like it.
  2. I open to suggestions and advice.
  3. I prefer to write in English. I use my second language very often at work.
  4. Writing simply makes me happy (kind of corny, I know).

So, thanks for reading and accompanying me through this new journey. I will post every piece of writing I come up with for each activity.


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