Yet, I Still Dig You

As a relationship goes, it is nearly impossible to hide certain details that make the sweet-honeymoon period to reach an end. I sometimes look at my boyfriend and think of certain habits that he has which make me crawl just a little. They become a little bit annoying at times for me to let them pass by.

1. Pulls you out of your own bed.

It is so damned hard to sleep next to someone, especially when it is on those nights right before a day of work, important event or, simply, you need to go and get your picture taken for your driver’s license. You want to look your best and be 100% on your game. At that moment, you wonder, why is this guy sleeping in my bed and taking away my so-needed-and-essential moment of resting? Then you realize one thing, you invited him over. Also, you were so horny that you needed a fine, sweaty shag. Right after that, you start thinking about everything you need to do the next day and start regretting the decision you made to let him stay the night with you. However, at certain point, during your asleep-but-not-asleep time, he grabs and pulls into his arm and kisses your neck. Right there, you acknowledge why you have been clinging to this guy. He is sweet and thoughtful. Because of that, you don’t feel anxious or worried of asking to switch places since he is sleeping on your favorite side of your bed.

2. Cooking? Me?

This is one hell of a habit that my boyfriend has. He is constantly asking me to cook for me. It is so entertaining for me when a guy expects me to cook. I honestly know very little of cooking, I might venture to say that pre-cooked noodles are not even my specialty. So, when a guy knows that I don’t cook at all, he develops this sort-of-bittersweet compulsion of asking me to cook anything. I remember that I had a boyfriend who I cook for once. However, he broke up with me, spite of all the efforts that I put into my cooking skills. I finally grasped my indisposition for cooking. Not wanting to cook for a guy who might not be around for a while. Ups! Hurt.

Revelation: I cooked for my current boyfriend once. He liked it a lot. It was kind of amusing for him. He kept smiling the whole time. It was a simple meal, grilled chicken breast, smashed potatoes and green salad. But he seemed to have enjoyed I did. Not really sure what he enjoyed: looking at me cooking while he giggled and smiled at me from the living room or the fact that I did COOK something for him. Whatever it was, we had a great time.

3. Doesn’t Watch RuPaul’s Race Race.

This is one that really makes me laugh. For sure, I strongly believe this is not a reason to break up with someone. But, it is very funny to notice at him the way he looks at me when I’m talking about the show. I believe the bored emoji would suffice to illustrate his reaction every time I mention something about the show. He is not very into drag queens. Why? I don’t know. I have asked him the reason why he doesn’t like to watch the show or a drag queen show. I believe he is a little macho about it. I always try to come up with a different theory of his dislike. On the other hand, there is the mystery of such aversion he is always tagging me on RPDR’s memes. He always finds out something about the show before I do. HAHA! I guess I’m getting through his harsh exterior.

4. Age?

I’m older than my boyfriend. I don’t know any slang word to label myself. Cougar? I don’t think so. Sugar Daddy? No way Jose! I’m old, but please. Me a Sugar Daddy? No. We share  our couple’s expenses. Yet, I have received some criticism from some of my so-called friends. They keep bringing the age thing up when I talk about any situation that we might be dealing with. They believe that every thing he does is expected due to his age. It might be true at times. On the other hand, hasn’t anyone dated a fully grown man who behaves like a childish brat?… I have! So, he might be young and his behavior or views of what the world was, is and will be sort-of not similar to mine. He usually comes to me when he is need of a “reference” to grasp the gist of something. Still, it doesn’t mean that he won’t teach me one thing or two about what life is like today. I am not as technological as he is. So, he is bringing in me to this century. Besides, he keeps me informed. I work with young people on a daily basis. It is very important to me to know what’s trendy.

5. To Party or Not to Party?

Night out. Few drinks. Spend time with your or his friends. Get a little tipsy. What for?… I used to date guys who were all about going out and drinking. Then, one day I got tired of it. Plain and simple. Because of that, I decided to stay single for a while. I didn’t feel like going out with guys who needed some alcohol to share some quality time with their boyfriends.

Out of the blue, I met my boyfriend. Not in a bar. But, you are right. We met through a dating app (that’s for another post). He doesn’t like drinking, in spite of his age. He actually prefers to stay away from bars, especially gay bars. It came as a shocker to me and my friends since he is young. When we were young, bars were everything. But, it’s a new generation. Thus, we have discovered different ways to keep us amused. I still see couples (such as my friends’ relationships) hanging out in bars, which is not bad, I’d sometimes like to go to an event and spend some time with my friends. To have laugh and joke around. There is something about going to bars which is kind of relaxing.

My boyfriend is not into that, as far as I know. It brings me some comforting sensations because I know I can perfectly be away for a couple of days and there won’t be any mind games stalking my sense of security that I have gained through the course of these last two years.

These are not flaws that he has. But there are things that I believe might cause a problem in a relationship, at least, in mine. He is a great guy. He does have flaws. One in particular that I dislike a little.

Anyway, these are habits that I have become accustomed to. I see now that they are not as important as I thought they would be. They are silly. But, there are silly things that couples cannot overcome in order to achieve the greatest moment in a relationship: understanding.


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