What’s Wrong With Students?

It is quite crazy to think that people are paying a great deal of money to attend universities and graduate with mediocre proficiency at their major. But, it is happening. I had the chance to attend an university class. I was taken aback, enormously, with the lack of interest and respect from students upon the teacher and what was being taught.

It was a small group. I believe there were no more than twenty students. Only, four of them seemed to be paying attention at all. Some of them were playing Pokemon Go, watching videos on YouTube, texting, sleeping and watching at their wristwatches every five minutes. So, I was very astonished with the today student’s behavior. It seems that there is no interest, at any level, to learn adequately what they really need to know before setting out to the confine brook of  available job positions. It is like they think that whatever they need to know they will be able to learn it at the moment they are working.

The class I was watching was Educational Assessment and Evaluation for EFL Teaching. I am an EFL teacher myself. Therefore, I really know, from personal experience, that whatever those students are assuming is not going to happen. There is a lot at stake that they are taking for granted. As education evolves, they are many different matters in the field that are expected to be schooled in. Principals and fellow teachers are rarely inclined to take some time from their busy schedule to sit down, one-on-one, and explain what new teachers have to do and how they have to do it. Because of the current demands from parents, education has become harder and harder since they are lot of different paperwork that needs to be filled and filed for scoring a single performance by a student.

I also thought of how unprofessional those future teachers will be. At a university level, I assume students are the one who are interested in their learning. At a school and high school, it is obvious that teachers must be more vigilant. They monitor each moment from their students to assist them with their learning process and evaluation. On the contrary, a university student is the one who hast to look after his or her benefit.

I would like to blame the teacher for losing control of his class. However, as I said before, he is not the one who is needing all the knowledge he was transmitting. He already has a job. Besides, I consider that he was doing a great job. His explanation and expertise on the topic were really on point. Everything he said was accurate. The material that he used is according to the current policy of evaluation. There was nothing to blame him for. He is a great professor.

So, why do students not take advantage of what is being offered to them? They are paying for it. They must be more aware of the money that they are spending. Besides, there is no price for education and knowledge. There isn’t. PERIOD!

I am really disappointed. Young generations misuse what older generations have acquired and learned throughout the years. They know little and care lesser. I just hope that when the times comes, they won’t fall too hard.


One thought on “What’s Wrong With Students?

  1. It’s really hard to present content in an authentic and relevant to students way. You should catch their attention by something special. We live in an age of destructions and information abundance and it’s getting harder and harder to get them interested. The part of the problem is that parents should contribute to the learning process too. Do they emphasise the importance of learning, not just the importance of paying for it on time?

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