Being Yourself

I was born in the eighties. So, I went to high school in the nineties. Duh!! But, my point is I grew, at the moment, when everybody was trying to make you believe how important it was to be yourself at all cost. Obviously, I didn’t get into that fab rapidly. Being yourself back in those days meant to become a total outsider. Nobody wanted you to be part of any kind of party, road trip, or movie night… in other words, NOTHING. If you even thought of exposing yourself to the world, it meant social disappearance, FOREVER.

Today, it is quite the opposite. I find this very enjoyable and uplifting. Even though, there are some haters, there are more lovers and supporters than ever before. It is so damn cool looking at all those young boys and adults to do whatever they want through a fabulous showcase of pride I never lived before.

Despite of this remarkable and colorful display of self-expression and uniqueness, I have noticed that people are still hesitant of showcasing their true-self to their boyfriends. I want to tell you a story about that: STOP IMMEDIATELY!

I’ve been dating this guy for four months now. He is younger than I am. But honestly, who cares? I have found out that this is the one relationship in which I have been truly myself. I don’t hide anything about me. I do my regular jokes. I sing. I lipsync when we are riding my car. We play jokes on each other. We say what we think when we have the urge to say it aloud (Well, I do it more often than he does). I fart. I treat him as a regular friend. Obviously, we do some things that regular friendship is not allowed to do. The borderline is that We are truly ourselves. We don’t hide behind the not-showing-my-real-self-yet-because-he-can-walk-out-from-me curtain.

Yesterday, we went out for a road trip. We laughed, we ate, we sang, we farted, we joked, in other words, we had a blast, just because we wanted to be ourselves. To feel comfortable with our regular skin. We surpassed the need of pleasing each other up to the point of forgetting who we are.

Of course, we have had our differences, because each one of us have very strong personalities. However, we have talked about it and spoken out. We made very clear that we won’t change who we are for the sake of one more month. We would rather continue being who we are than lose ourselves in the process of pleasing someone’s else. Although, respect is always part of what we regularly do. Even though, we are not going to change, it doesn’t mean we are going to shame the other one.

Be yourself and be respectful! And, perhaps, life will take you in a nicer ride!


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