It Just Happened!

A few days ago, I wrote a post about social media and ex’s. I never thought this could happen, but he contacted me last Saturday night, but I was so oblivious of everything around me that I didn’t even think that he could do something like that. 

We are not friends on Facebook. We don’t have each others’ phone numbers. I guess that both decided to forget the two of us and what we had for good.

However, for my surprise, today I checked my Facebook messenger, and there it was… A message from him. Oh My God! Incredible! At this very moment, I’m still trying to cope with what I just realized. Obviously, I am not expecting to come back with him. I admit that I secretly want that. But, he hurt me so much that I see that it is just impossible to happen.

This leads to my point in that post that I wrote. Social media, apps and technology make forgetting really hard. 

PS: I checked his Facebook. He looks so hot! 


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