New Year Resolutions: Still Count??

I’m not really surprised about these New Year’s profiles updates or social meadia’s posts. Nobody talked about the things that they were so anxicious to achieve this 2016. They just uploaded pictures at the beach, at home, in a bar being practically drunk, and so on. But, no post about their 2016 goals. 

I have two theories:  One, they decided to keep their resolution to themselves and cared less if people knew about them. And two, they just gave up. The one I strongly believe that is behind the absence of those posts is they simple gave up promising things that they won’t achieve in a year-round basis. 

I sort of think that they are a few out there who wanted to keep their resolutions for them, because, after a while, the resolutions become a burden instead of a goal to achieve. We spend all year working our asses off to keep up with all the different responsibilities that we have: Work, Family, School, Friends, Partner, Pets, Bills… At some point, those resolutions are not fun anymore. They become something else in the to-do list. 

I believe that most of my friends are going to get their “resolutions” set when they have the time and the willingness to make a meaningful change in their life. For instance, I have a friend who always says that he will drink less and quit smoking, but not even a few days after January 1st, he is drinking as if tomorrow all the bars will close for good. So, I guess he just gave up of making promises that he won’t keep, despite the goodness they will bring to his state of health and mind. 

I personally didn’t give up, but didn’t make my own either. I just know what I have to do in order to continue living. Because, at some point in my previous year, my resolutions are my responsibilities within me in order to survive and be able to help those I care deeply.

2016 Responsibilities/Resolutions:

  1. Being healthy; by the end of 2014, I got really sick. I almost died. So, last year was all about getting better in order to get back on the horse of life. I got better, but I’m not quite who I used to be. Therefore, I want to go back to be me in full strength and health. 
  2. Studying; my job demands a great deal of updating my knowledge on a certain area of expertise. Even though, my desire has always been to major in something else or learn another language, it is just part of what I’m supposed to do due to my job expectations. 
  3. Driving; I didn’t know how to drive. I’m learning now and getting better. But, it is more of something that I already HAD to know how to do. Hello! 35 years, professional, and not knowing how to drive. Not wishing to be harsh on me, but the word LOOSER is quietly buzzing around my ears. 
  4. Saving; who doesn’t save money? We all have to. We never know when something very drastic and life-changing can happen. We ought to be prepared. 
  5. Being more people person; any job demands a person to be sociable. Dealing with people is a great how one can be promoted or not be fired.

These few of the responsibilities/resolution that I can think of which do not have any shape of a goal, in my humble opinion. However, I have some, which give me great pleasure when I think of them: Blogging, drawing, and traveling for pleasure. So, I can say that…

  1. I will blog more,
  2. I will practice drawing, 
  3. I will travel abroad this year.

These are resolution. They will make me very happy I am able to achieve them. But, they won’t be something that I really need to do to change my life significantly. 

Happy New Year and Goood luck with your resolution, if you have them…


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