Learning How to Drive: Part 2

This is an unfortunate update of my driving lessons.

I fired my dad as a driver’s instructor, and I asked a cousin of mine to be my teacher since my dad was making it really difficult for me to learn anything without fearing him and be confident behind the wheel. So, she agreed and the results were a lot better. Even though, I just had one class with her, she was more inclined to teach me well than to yell at me. She undoubtedly built my confidence back. In one lesson with her, I was able to do more than simply driving my car forward. I practiced driving in reverse, driving in secondary road, changing gears and driving through an intersection. Big deal! I even cursed in the car because a woman decided to park in the intersection to get off the car and buy some bread at the town’s bakery. Can you imagine? Obviously, I did what any other gay drivers would have done, I started about the bitch who doesn’t know anything about driving. SORRY, I was simply feeling it. 

Unfortunately, due to time, she is back at her work, and she doesn’t have time anymore to help me practice. 

So, I was again back to the beginning, no teacher and about to ask my dad (NO!!). Luckily, my best friend, who happens to be a great driver, returned to the country from Germany on December 31st. I asked her to help me out, obviously, she agreed. Thanks God, I’m once again on the right track. New year, new teacher!

Since I have learned how to drive a little more, I decided to practice on my own. I thought of it to be the right thing to do because, one day, I am going to drive on my own. 

Yesterday, I took my car and began my me-and-myself lesson. I just tried to remember everything that my cousin told me about driving in reverse and applied it. It worked perfectly.

During an hour and a half, I drove my car in reverse out of the garage and drove it back in. However, I didn’t open the gate surrounding the property, because it wasn’t my idea to go outside. Also, the dogs were loose and they are really hard to catch. Did I mention I was all alone in my house because my parent are visiting my mother’s relatives for three days? I guess I didn’t.

Well, I took the car and this happened when I decided to put an end on my solo driving lesson.  The more I felt that I was getting better and better, I started to feel more confident and drove in reverse further and further and nearer to the gate. But one of the guys got in my way, I lost a bit of control and the picture displayed very well what really happened.

First Memory Scratch
I don’t care much about this because, #1 it is my car and #2 it is all part of learning. 

The gate is still standing. Nothing really drastic happened. Also, the dog is totally unharmed. I guess that we both got a little scared after that. But, being this my first scratch makes me feel so proud of me, because, after taking three failed lessons with dad and just one successful class with my cousin, I guess I have accomplished a lot. I mean I can drive backwards pretty good. I still need more practice, but come one! After one successful lesson, I manage to drive back and forth perfectly for almost one hour and a half, I say I rock. 

Fast and Furious 8, Here I COME!!


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