Suiting Up the Gay Style?

A couple of days ago, I read a post. It was about finding the right direction to dress up accordingly to this blogger’s sexual orientation’ s interest. So, this thought has been coming in and going out of my head, and I haven’t quite figured it out:

What exactly should I wear because I’m gay? 

I honestly have no clue. I’ve been wearing the same fashion style since I was a teenage boy. I feel comfortable in my sort of surfer-meets-skater-meets-gay-meets-thirty something-meets-2015 look. Kind of complicated, but I I can’t come up with a better way to describe my look. Trust me! Neither my friends have an idea. 

I’m very laid-back. I don’t worry so much about the latest trends in fashion. I did have a period when I was dressing up like a geeky gay, but I guess that I grew up. I don’t know what really happened but I suddenly stopped wearing superhero and cartoon-characters t-shirts. 

I’m more like comfort and feeling fine than layering myself into wraps and wraps of clothes and accessories. 

I usually look at my gay friends (who are really scarce, but very fashionable), and I get really surprised on how the hell they are able to pull together a hairdo like the ones they usually have on. They look amazing. Flawless. Chic. To die for! But, obviously, combing and styling take them about an hour or two to get it done. I’m not that patient. I just want my hair to be freely enough for me to be able to move my head around and to feel that it is still on my head. 

One day, after being asked insistingly for months, I gave my friends permission to do something with my hair. I took their advice and asked my stylist to cut my hair to a certain length and style. She was a little surprised because that was not my usual haircut. (Yes, I have an usual haircut, which I love. In other words, my hair is #classic). I went straight to my friend’s house, because we all decided to get dressed there. So, the process began. They asked me to shower and wash my hair AGAIN. Then, they sat me down. The first thing that they did was to dry my hair. Secondly, they ironed it, which it hurt because of all the pulling and brushing. I was really scared of getting my ears burned. After that, they started combing my hair and putting lots of who-knows-what in my hair. When they were done, I literally felt that I was wearing an open-face helmet. My hair was rock solid. That night I almost die, I couldn’t move my head well. I couldn’t touch my hair. Also, my friends warned me of standing near strong drafts. And, God forbid rain. If just a little of water touched my hair, the disaster would’ve been on. It was a nightmare! That night, when I went to bed, I was worried that all my hair was going to be scattered all over my bed,  just like when a drunk drag queen forgets to take the cheap wig off. 

From that moment on, I decided not to let my friends do my hair anymore. I just love the classic look of my hair. It simply goes easy with me and my personality. I guess.

They also try to gay up my wardrobe. But, you know what happens. Yes, I called a cap and drove away as fast as I could. I love my style. I dress up formally when I have to, without forgetting that I need to be comfy and satisfied with MY look and MY choices. 

I have heard criticism about my style from my friends, from their own judgemental mouth and also for the word spread around (this one really bothered me, but it didn’t make me change a bit about myself.) I just don’t understand why a person  cannot be content with the way he or she is without being reprimanded by his or her personal choices.

Recently, I ran out with this guy, who I hadn’t seen since two years ago. He had a thing for me, but I don’t have it for him (love sucks!). Anyway, this last time, we were chatting and joking, in other words, we were having fun. So, he decided that it was time to get all sweet and sticky. Out of nowhere, he began telling me that he had run into a friend of mine in a club. My former friend (he didn’t know that this friend and I haven’t talked to each other for over two years) told him that he was very shocked that he wasn’t attracted to him because he was so fashionable and cool and that I was so lame and out of fashion.

For the record, I didn’t get insulted at all by this comment. But, when I started thinking of this notion that people have about looks and fashion. This little incident came to mind. I just can’t believe that a person’s style has to fit in a certain formula to like people. I believe I look fine when I get dressed because I’m conscious of how my body is and looks with certain kind of clothes and accessories. I’m strongly convinced that what I decide to wear in any given day or occasion is based on the previous knowledge of what looks good on my body and seems to provide an organic comfort to exude my undeniably confidence about who I really am. Also, it is favorable to notice that I still get guys to win over my attention and interest (not on a daily basis, but it does happen from time to time).

To conclude, I believe not fitting into a certain gay look will jeopardize my gayness at any point. I’m just gay because I like guys. And, I like simple, down to earth, confident guys who love being comfy and like other guys to feel comfy around them. Even though, I don’t know how to surf or skate, I will continue wearing my carefree style with pride. 


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