Learning How to Drive

Finally! I bought my first car EVER! I’m 35 and I had never driven a car before. Well, maybe just once, when my cousin lent me his car because he was very tired and sleepy to drive during three hours. I thought of driving as an easy thing to learn to do. But, lately, it has become quite a challenging effort. My cousin’s car is an automatic one. So, I guess that’s why it was so elementary to drive.  

I never thought of buying a car. Driving was a skill that I didn’t have the need to master. It felt fine when I took my cousin’s car, though, I kept thinking of not buying a car. 

Despite of the hate I have of riding a bus, I didn’t care I would always be hanging out in the passenger side of my best friend ride #noscrubs #TLC I never felt either shame or sadness. I’m no scrubs, for sure. I have my job and more things under my arm that proves that I’m a catch or, at least, as my dating curriculum has proven so far, a good friend and fun guy to hang with. 

But, I changed my mind. I bought a brand new 2016 car. Also, it has become a need due to my job. 

Now that I have it, I feel the urgent need to learn to drive. I thought that having the car would boost that urgent need and the interest to learn how to drive as fast as possible. Since I’m not the genius in math, some of the calculations I made are now proving to be wrong. My intention was to buy an automatic car. However, my stubbornness wasn’t part of any calculation that I had planned. I really wanted to buy a brand new car. There was the moment when my endearing stubbornness kicked in. I did manage to buy it. A car right out of the agency, seats rapped up in plastic and all. But, there was a little problem with my new car. Something that added up to my misscalculation due to the big S in the equation. The car that I decided to buy is manual. 

I didn’t want to get any more in debt than I was already in. So, I saw a model that was suitable to my budget. But, they don’t manufacture that model in an automatic version. So, here it is my significant dilemma. 

Just because of my fixatition to get a brand new car, I’m not stuck with a cute 2016 Alto Suzuki. Don’t get me wrong! I’m in love with my car. It might lack some things that other bigger and automatic cars have, but I guess it just suits me well. Of course, despite of the tiny manual thing. 


My Car
You might wonder why I am drowning myself in such as predicament without having at least try to overcome such a insignificant matter, and get a grip. Well, there are certain factors which are not helping so far. 

1. I don’t have a proper teacher. I have already taken my car for a drive with the cheapest teacher anybody could hire, My dad. He’s an excellent driver because that’s what he does for a living. No, he is not a driving teacher. He works driving heavy vehicles. So, teaching someone how to drive might be the perfect career choice on the side. But, it is definitely NOT. My dad is impossible! He has no patience. He is also like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He has his moments of a good teacher, patient and comprehensive; but in a blink of an eye, he just turns into Proffesor Snape #harrypotterjustcametrue… So, just imagine being locked up in a moving car with Good Snape and Bad Snape. I’m just waiting for Voldemort to hitchhike.  

2. Due to my my two-sided dad, I have always suffered from nerves. Yes, I admit… I was and still am a scary little kid who can’t hear his dad yelling or getting upset without freaking out. So, childhood traumas are not really easy to overcome. Therefore, nerves have been the one thing that have kept me from achieving many dreams  or just trifling goals. Thanks God, I have never been a good dancer, because my hell of prom night was prevented to be remembered for generations to come. Back to driving, my nerves and sweet/frightening father are not quite the best combination for my future in car racing. During the only three driving lessons that I have taken with my father, I almost drove my car down a ditch, nearly ran over a non-moving bike and failed to make a smooth exit.

3. There is not a proper place for me to go and isolate myself from other drivers until I manage to drive my car properly. I have been looking everywhere in my mind and in this town for a place I can go and just drive without the fear of running someone over. That’s a really bad luck. I’ve been practicing on the street. I guess for a pack of nerves like me, keeping away from transited roads is equal to car accident. FYI, I still have no car insurance. Not good for a menace behind the wheel. 

Consequently, I have decided to find another teacher. I already called a cousin of mine. She’s a really good driver and have taught lots of people how to drive. I hope this change will work.

Many people have told that driving a manual car is not really difficult. But, considering that they might be a bunch of fat liers, I believe everybody has their own way and pace to learn. I just don’t want to take another 35 years to drive my car.


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