We Always Think Ill About People

So hard to be positive all the time. Smiling at life when you have been cursed with something that is so terrible difficult to go through. But, you need to get strength from the core of your heart and peace from the depths of your brain. That’s what I do everyday: struggling to be calm, positive, confident and hopeful that everything will turn out just #Fine. 

However, people make my endeavors constantly impossible to achieve. They are always trying to get to my nerves, even though, I know that they are not doing consciously. They just talk, and talk ill. They don’t have any nice thoughts or energy to share with others. They just pretend, or never try to acknowledge the good that has been done. They just focus on the mistakes and flaws.

The change that my life is going through is because of the state of my health. Many people have helped to go on. I don’t think ill about them, #Notatall. But, talking with a couple of people, they just focused on the bad that this helpful and kind people who have helped me keeping hope.

Might it be #Envy? Or would be the fact that there is nothing anyone can do to live happily there would always be on who might think ill of you to ruin the little happiness I and you have over something?

An aunt of mine, whom I was really closed during my childhood and teenage years, realized that I am really sick. One day I was waiting for a doctor’s appointment and she texted my mom, since mom has been all the way with me #Momrockstelling her to tell me that I should tell the doctor about our family medical history (allergies) and that I was on steroids. SHOCKED RIGHT THERE! I laughed my heart and lungs so loud and hard that I almost choked. Just because a person who used to be thin get some muscle by going to the gym, practicing mountain-bike doesn’t mean that I’m on steroids. #Gosh!! 


So, I don’t know why people think ill of others just because anybody else’s lives are not as theirs.  #Idontgivefuck! I will keep on getting better and stay healthy as impossible it might be sometimes and I’ll also wish the best for those who think ill of me.


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