Little Note: Do We Reach Climax?

When you read a story, or watch a movie, or listen to your friend about the latest gossip, you are particularly waiting for the climax,  that turning point that makes your body shiver, your heart pump, your eyes widen and all around you is just an expectation of what is going to be read, watched or said.


It’s thrilling!! Sometimes creepy. It is sometimes exasperating. And even, it sometimes disappoints you at the end.

However, there was a moment when everything seemed so right. There were meaning and purpose at that particular moment. That moment, which might appear insignificant now, gave joy to you. Joy is what we sometimes have and never notice.

So, what’s my point? First, I do feel that I’m divagating here. But I’m not feeling 100% Ok. Second, I have a turning point in my life. Third, I need to make changes in it. Everything is different now. And from now on. And finally, I’m scared. I have no fucking what’s next. But, today I learned that “WTF, I can make my life over:”


I can’t see future, but I can see life. I can’t do what everybody else does, but I can enjoy what I really like doing.  I can’t change the whole world, but I can change my world. I can’t please everybody, but I can please me and please the ones I love by making them know that I’m happy. I can’t “can’t”, because I need to know that I CAN.

So, this is my climax. What’s yours??


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