2013 is Gone

What most people have been expecting for months: the 2013 is about to end. Welcome 2014.



So, what are people planning to do? Or better said, what are we planning to do?  Most of us are preparing our big fat celebration, to spend the last day of the year and welcome the first day of the next year. Lots of beers, wine, food, and close friends and family. Preparing our outfits for the big night, to look ridiculously gorgeous for those first pictures of the night before the big moment, and post everywhere over the internet.

What a night is expecting us! Only on this night, just this one above all the other fun nights we had around the last year, everything that happened before seems void. Useless. Trifling. We are about to let any kind of disgust, affliction, dilemma, obstacle or quandary in the past for good. We are celebrating the farewell of all bad things. Wow! Such as liberating way to start fresh.

So, we are already setting our goals for next year, we are “promising” ourselves to fulfill our intentions to grow and become a better person this upcoming 2014. Wow! So much to do and so little time. The excitement for such new chapter is sort of exhausting. Just imagining all the things that I and other people are planning to do and to achieve, provoke me not to say goodbye to 2013. But, I’m not a master of time, I can’t bend time just because I wish. I can’t rewind the year to start all over. So, let’s get 2014 started. But before doing so, I just wondered, do we actually achieve everything that we engage ourselves in? I think that most of us, 90%, don’t achieve anything. Therefore, by this time, we think of those resolutions that we never fulfilled. We regret that we couldn’t get them done and we make another promise to accomplish them this year. But, as this year that is about to pass, we won’t do it for this year that is about to begin.

During this month, I began thinking about my 2014 resolutions, I can’t recall any of them. However, I do remember that I didn’t come up with any resolutions for this year. Why? I was too busy trying to make my relationship work out that I forgot about me. I was let go for such relationship on January 15th. Last time I spent any “quality” with my boyfriend was on New Year’s Eve and after that, he kept avoiding me. I didn’t have the time and, even, the strength of mind and heart to list anything to accomplish.

However, as the year went by, I started to realize that I was destroying my life over the mere and insignificant thought that I was rejected, that I was worthless, that I was not going meet anyone like my ex, and I held on the hope he would be back. I woke up from the outrageous illusion I had created.

I began by shaping my body to be likable to my ex, as the time passed and the result became clear, my perspective and motivation changed. I directed all my energy and effort on making myself happy. I had never felt this happiness before, this level of acceptance, and this love for me.

So, I learned that setting goals at the beginning of a year doesn’t guarantee that I would grow and become a better person. I learned that the actions we accomplish by leaving behind the shadow of bad experiences helps us grow. I’m quitting smoking. The taste of cigarette dislikes me more and more. I keep working out, loving my body and, consequently, my health has improved. I didn’t get sick during 2013. Awesome. But, most important, I love myself a little more every day. I still have insecurities to work on, but they are becoming less and less by the minute.

My advice is: Don’t make any promise you can’t keep. But keep those habits that make you be better than before. 

Happy New Year!


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