A Xmas Day: What to expect?

Xmas is not like any other day. Kids wait for it the whole year. Some mothers are praying for their grown-up kids to come in and spend a lovely evening and day with them. Other parents wait for their children to open up their gifts and rejoice with the cheerful smile while discovering that Santa read their letters.

There’s joy everywhere in such special day. But, for a few, happiness is a luxury. Not because of the gift giving, or the fancy dinner, but the wish of just having happiness for one day, just one day.

Some households, I suppose, are having rough time just to stick together as a family, to keep away issues that have bothered them the whole year round, to stop regretting what has not been done, said, or tried. So, knowing what to expect for Xmas is not something that is easy to define.

I’m one of them. This year has been tough. And, it gets tougher by the minute. But I know that this holiday might give a little peace of mind. I don’t have a boyfriend to roll under the sheets till afternoon comes. But, I’d love to. Though, I won’t get depressed. My professional life seems a little blurry at this point. But, there’s always job for the one who desires to work. I have a family. We are not really attached, but I guess that is the way we handle things. We are happy this way. I had a fight with my father a week ago. We don’t talk to each other. But, I believe we were both right and we are both stubborn. We are handling the situation, and we are cool.

So, Xmas doesn’t seem a happy time for me. But, I believe I have people to share it with. Friends and Family. The two Fs. Merry Xmas to you all.


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