Halloween: My Gay Day

Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.

I truly haven’t found any other holiday that gets me so much as Halloween. Halloween is the best and most cheerful holiday ever. You may think, CHEERFUL? Well, it is. At least, it is like Christmas for me. It has candies, dinner’s parties, delicious and strange food, family gatherings, friends’ party planning, events everywhere, stores go crazy, cool decoration. Wow! What else can you ask for? Oh, of course, the costumes. This is my favorite part of all this wonderfully dark holiday: I get to dress up, no questions asked. I feel free to put on anything I want. I have the freedom to be dark, funny or even hot. I wear makeup, any piece of clothing that I wish to wear. Nobody cares. Nobody asks. Everybody enjoys. The only thing that differs from Christmas is gifts. There aren’t any gifts. But, I don’t want gifts. I want to have fun, and that’s what Halloween is about. Have fun in other people‘s shoes. However, I wouldn’t mind if someone wants to give me something nice. Just for fun, of course!

The fun of designing the costume is the best part. But this year I almost missed it. Yesterday, I was really sad because I wasn’t going to be able to dress up  to get on buses, buy cigarettes at the convenience store, and, the best of all, hit the club. I was almost giving up hope when my best friend called me. “I’ve got the perfect costume for you. A scarecrow,” he said. I was surprised and disappointed. I was heading to a much sexier direction. I wanted to show off how hard I’ve been working out. I planned to go as Green Lantern in latex (HOT!) But that idea was all over.  So, I decided to ponder a little on my best friend’s idea. Finally, I loved it. It was fantastic. Of course, I thought of some nice twists for the costume to be more into my previous direction, with a little of funny. Nonetheless, in the end, my dear friend made my day.

I'm not THIS hot. I guess I would've pulled off in my own way.
I’m not THIS hot. I guess I would’ve pulled off in my own way.

We spent all day shopping for the perfect accessories to complete the whole concept. We were running up-and-down right-to-left all across town. We were like drugged or under steroids. Our only purpose was to get everything we need for our costumes. And we did it. What a wonderful Christmas Halloween shopping! We shopped and we had fun. We laughed at store while we were trying on some other cool and silly stuff we came across with. We joked with the girls from the women’s lingerie store (we needed to get some little things from there).

Scary. Huh?
Scary. Huh?

The more we walk in stores, the more we wanted to spice up our costumes. We were at our pinnacle of creativity. And we needed that creativity. The Halloween muse didn’t dump us. Because of our economical deficit, we needed all the spark from our wit. We were trying to get the best look for the lowest price. Therefore, we went every single place and bought the cheapest, but the coolest stuff, and we also recycled some. One piece of my Scarecrow costume is some old short pants of mine. Clever! I know! I didn’t have to spend a penny on one part of the lower part. Shoes: My Very Favorite Converse. Legs: Stripped Long Socks (at the lingerie store). Scarecrow shirt: Second Hand Store (who would’ve thought so). Head: Wig (a very cheap one, maybe a low-paid prostitute’s sort-of wig) and Hat (at the town’s traditional market). Makeup and more: well, there’s always a friend who loves to dress up from time to time as a lovely woman, so I borrowed it. The total sum of my very colorful Scarecrow is less than $30.

This is what I love Halloween. It’s just one night, but the fun is as if it never stops. I’m dying to try on my costume tomorrow. I will hit the club, since on 31st I’m working. But, I’ll do my best to go as well.

Look forward for my next posts. You’ll have some pics to look at.


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