Hey! You’re So Vain!

Have you thought of yourself as shallow or vain? Have you done something that you might consider so shallow that you’re afraid of becoming a mean person? Have you thought of any person to be narcissistic, but thought of you as so?

Well, I have. So, because of my growing distress, I took some online tests to realize how shallow and vein I am. For my surprise, the tests were not that good, or deep. But, they were designed to let me know if I was truly shallow. The result I got was that I’m 50/50. I’m half shallow and half humble, honest, and, perhaps, caring. Do I feel disappointed about the result? No at all. Actually, it got me wondering the possibility of why I’m 50 percent vain. So, Yin and Yang came to mind. Of course, it all made sense.

In order to have balance in my life, I need to be a little of both. Luckily, it’s well balanced. Not too vain, not too modest. Just the right amount of both. I guess I’m being a little vain now, 51/50.  In  other words, what I’m saying is that it’s good to be a little vain. I need to take care of me as well. I can’t expect for people doing so for me. Besides, people who help me take care of me if they see that I do care about myself, without exceeding any boundary. However, at certain range, I would also hope that people are capable of becoming a little vain to take care of themselves and stop winning or pointing at other people.

You may wonder, how can this guy believe that being vain is cool? Well, I’ve been doing some thinking about it and this is what came up. All of the instances addressed below are based on some of the questions that were asked in the how shallow you are tests.

1. Do you care about your personal appearance? Yes, I do. A well-groomed person gets better attention than those who just didn’t spend one minute combing their hair. Due to my job (I would also say, any job), a well-groomed appearance is key. I need to catch other people’s attention. I need to be heard. Would you pay attention to someone whose hair is all messy and clothes are old and over-washed? I wouldn’t. So, I need to display a nice look for people relate to me and get their attention easily.

2. Do you work out? Oh yeah! Getting fit is important. Not just as a way to look a little hunk, but to get healthy. I love the body I’m getting because all the exercise I do every week. I practice cycling and go to the gym. I love my legs, ass and how the rest of my body is looking thanks to exercising. Besides, I have been able to overcome my addiction to smoking and heavy drinking. I feel healthier and less depressed. I used to be a rag of bones, and I used to get sick very often. Now, I don’t remember the last time I’ve got a flu. And because of working out, people check me out more often. Some people who never talk to me, now they do. I don’t care they speak to me now. But the attention feels good.

3. How often do you read? Do you study? Do you have a PhD,  M.S., or any other equivalent? I do have a degree. But, having one makes me not to be shallow or vain? I believe that I do care about some matters, at some level, that other people don’t. Having a college degree or university degree is not what makes me care. Actually, thinking I’m smarter and not shallow because I majored in something makes me shallow and vain. There are people who, for any given reason, were not able to access higher education or any education. So, those people’s points of view may sound silly and shallow, but not for choice. Smart people believe they are silly because they are smarter and have had a wider exposure to social issues. That’s vain!

4. What artistic skills do you have? I write, I draw and I paint. I might describe myself as artistic, but that doesn’t turn me into a Picasso or Da Vinci. People think that artists are more in touch with the inner self. They are more sensitive. I do believe people are partially accurate. But isn’t it a little vain to parade all your artistic qualities? Those are skills that were worked over time to be mastered (not in my case, I have been doing by myself.) Having those artistic skills doesn’t turn anyone into a better person.

5. Would you date someone fat, unemployed, or uneducated? Well, I wouldn’t date a fat man. It’s not my kind of man. I like people who take care of themselves. Maybe a year ago, I would’ve thought differently, but now I want to be around people who take very seriously their health. And, a fit (or nearly-fit) man looks so hot. Don’t get me wrong. One of my best friends is chubby. However, he is now aware that he needs to think a little more about himself and start caring more. Concerning education and work, I don’t care what a person does, as long as he does it with integrity and is always pushing the boundaries. A person who has dreams and motivation to grow is hotter than anyone else. 

So, those were five reasons why I’m considered an average shallow/deep person. I do believe that I’m vain from time to time, but I need to. There’s the only way for me to keep on living and growing. I have goals and dreams that cannot be accomplished if I don’t play the cards right. And, I feel so good while playing along. But, I don’t forget that we all have struggled different battles and, because of those battles, we are different and unique. Respect. However, don’t judge me if I think that looking good is fine. Look at a hot guy and tell me you don’t those robust muscles and legs. I sort-of do.

So, Am I vain? Am I shallow? Am I 50/50? Let me know. Up to this point of my life, I believe I am just a man who knows what he wants.


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