Fashion For Everyone? Do you think so?

WARNING: This is the most sordid, unreserved and derogatory post I’ve ever written. BUT I NEEDED TO WRITE IT.


You are in, or you are out. That’s fashion. Heidi makes it clear every episode. But, how do we know how to be in? Well, just few people know how to pull it off. Model-like men and women. Yeah! It is not fair, but it is the painful truth. Average people are not able to be fashionably in. Why? Very easy to explain, average people are average, and average fashion doesn’t exist. There’s no average body in fashion.

Average people feel unsecured all the time about how they look. Sometimes, they dress up in outfits that aren’t right for them, simply to be in. For that matter, you won’t ever see me wearing a very deep V neck t-shirt because it is hot right now. I don’t have a swimmer-like body to rock to induce people stare at me because I look so hot it. They would turn for other reason but not that. (Although, I’m working out to get THAT body shape).

I do prefer a more muscled chest.
I do prefer a more muscled chest.

What average people should do is to know what our bodies are like and try to pull off clothing put on us without caring if that is the IN thing to wear. I believe we don’t want to become the IT people for the wrong reasons.

I DO believe there’s something wrong!

I know that people should be proud of our bodies. But, when they wear something that is not flattering to our bodies and they know it is not, though it is trendy right now, they still feel incredibly uncomfortable. The only person they are fooling is themselves only.

I know that I shouldn’t write this post by address the average people  all along the post. However, I just want to get my point. That fashion doesn’t matter, what matters is what one can do to please the only eye that matters, his or her. I don’t believe that there are ugly people. NOT AT ALL. I do believe we are all beautiful creatures. But come on! Let’s work it out a little by dressing properly for our bodies. I sometimes cry when I see what I don’t want to see.  

PS: I know attitude is key for fashion. But there are times that not even attitude can fix it.

Where's the attitude?
Where’s the attitude?

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