What is it about Mondays?


I know. It has come. The beginning of the week. Work. School. Driving. Gym. Cleaning. Laundry. Cooking. Shopping (not for clothing). Halloween. Decoration. All those things didn’t happen today, but they are always on my mind on Mondays, at least for every October Monday.

I never get to wake up calm, rested and willing to take the world by storm on Mondays. I just feel like staying at home, watching the morning news and the cooking shows. It’s so nice to picture myself, rolled up in my blankets.

But when I get to think all of that, when that feeling of laziness starts to take over me, something comes along and frees me, every single Monday morning. I would probably shout, “WTF!!”, but I have this idea, desiring to sleep the Monday away is just an excuse to discover what a day like today can have stored for me.

I’m not a Monday fan, but I’m definitely NOT a LEAVING-LIFE-PASSES-BY fan. So, cheers for Monday!


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