Did Joan Rivers Really Figure it Out?

Is she right?
Is she right?

It’s been a long time since the last time I went on a date. Yesterday, I broke that cycle. I went on a walk-around-the-mall-and-coffee date. I didn’t have one of those dates from 2002. It felt right. It gave me a chance to meet a person in a different sort of way, a less distracting, sober, and, at certain degree, clear perspective. I actually got to know him a little and guess he drew some conclusions about me.

So, what were the expectations from this date? I wish I could say that I expected nothing at all, but I would be a fat big liar. I did have mine. I wanted to do well. And it did. However, there was no kiss at the end. It puzzled me, since I thought everything went well. During the chatting, we had covered very different subject, but our jobs were the main headlines. I’m not the greatest speaker because I get nervous and my speech goes down, down. I stammer a lot. I try to choose the best words to say, but it occasionally sank. As it did yesterday.

I live in another city and, unluckily, I don’t own a car, YET! (I hope I do soon enough). So, he dropped me off at the bus terminal. There was no good-bye kiss, just a handshake. A handshake? I shake hands with my buddies from the gym, that I barely speak to. Not with someone that I had spent the whole afternoon talking to, about personal stuff and debating about work and quoting Chomsky to get a point across about learning a second language. 

Joan Rivers figured it all, and I didn’t pay attention to her, “No man will ever put his hand up your dress looking for a library card.” (in my case, under my pants).

When I arrived home, I got a text from him, asking me if I have had arrived. It read, “Did you get home?” And that was it.

So, what did I expect from this first date? At least a kiss or a more sympathetic text.

That was the last text I got from him. Now, the question is, should I text him? I’ve been thinking that I would, but not today. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon. I don’t like this dating games, I hate them. People are so hard to understand sometimes. Or, I’m too hard on people. Who knows? The only thing I know is that I just need to continue dating. One date, that was fine at the beginning and crappy at the end, won’t stop me. Let’s face it, if we want to find something worthy to love, we need to keep seeking. Kissing toads until one turns in a professional, down-to-earth, semi-athletic, not-having-prince-attitude, sweet man.


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