Strictly Friends!

I watched a video lately about the “alleged” relationship among Andy Cohen and former hockey player Sean Avery. It was on TMZ, so it was a little funny. Yeah, I know, I watch TMZ, but it amuses me from time to time. Anyway. The video is about Cohen setting the record straight that Avery is straight and that they’re not engaged. OK! That’s great. Then, the TMZ team talks about not being possible to be friends with people who you believe you would want to bang.

Cohen states that why can’t a gay guy and a straight guy be friends? So, I do think the exact same thing.

My few best friends are straight guys. They are the best friends I’ve ever had and, the best of all, is that they’re more comprehensive and open-minded than even some gay acquaintances of mine. We get along so well, that we hug, we kiss, and we even grab each other butts in public. There’s not a big deal about it. We are friends and we really do care about each other. Besides, we don’t meet that often as we wish because of our jobs, studies and family duties. But, when we have the chance, we like to express our true feelings.

The funny thing, or better said, the most admirable thing is  the my friends are so confident with their manhood that they don’t care how other people would look at them (at least if it is a really hot girl around, so they want to look really manly, but they love me anyway.)

So, would I like to bang any of my friends? I believe I would not because there hasn’t been any sort of suggestion or lead for me to think otherwise, however I guess if there was one, I would not hesitate at all. My friends are hot. They are handsome, thoughtful, mysterious, interesting and intelligent. So, I would bang them. However, that would totally change our relationship. But considering that I would bang them must be a compliment for them since they know that there are hot enough for any other guy or girl would like to bang them, as well.


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