Me? Fashion Police Officer?

Me? Joan Rivers? Who would’ve thought?
Not me!

My sister has always asked me for my point of view of what she is wearing or is about to wear. Is it right? Do colors fit together? Do the shoes match the outfit? Any question about fashion, just name it, she has asked to me at least a thousand times. And the best thing of all is that she always expects an explanation of what I think something doesn’t work. Luckily for her, and for me (I guess!), I have a good eye for aesthetics.  

She knows I’m gay. She’s cool with it. We don’t hang out that much or ask personal questions about intimate information. But, I wonder if she thinks that me being gay has some sort of magical power in me that allows me to judge freely about fashion and be correct?

So, here is a thought, does being gay give me some kind of credential to criticize what is in and out in fashion?

I’ve never considered myself as a fashion person. In fact, I’m always laid-back when it comes to me getting dressed. Lately, I’ve been trying to work it out, nice pants, colorful shirts and pants, and new hairdo. But, before passing through the doorway, I run in and change. I start feeling uncomfortable when I don’t feel like me. Me, the laid-back, easygoing, I-just-wanna-go-out-and-have-fun, sort of guy. 

I believe I have given her some good advice since she has never come to me complaining and yelling at me by the wrong choice I made.

I probably believe not. I have seen some really badly dressed guys, who happened to be gay. I believe it is because of my good eye. I’m not an artist or anything of that sort. I just believe that there are things that need to be looked at from certain perspective to make one person look good. Not all fashion trends are meant for everyone. 

The funny thing about this is that yesterday night my sister came to my room, my parents were close by, she asked me about her look and I gave her some feedback of why it didn’t work. Then, my mother said to her, “Go and change ’cause Chemo is waiting for you in the car.” (Chemo is my brother-in-law). Then, she left.  My dad was listening to the conversation and he exclaimed;

“Why is she going to change?”

“Because Elijah said so.” My mom replied.

“And?” my dad inquired.

“Elijah is our fashion guru.” My mom added and continued reading.

I was so befuddled, because my mom doesn’t accept my homosexuality, and by saying that, I believe that she has started to acknowledge that. Let’s face it, when people think about fashion, they strongly believe gays are always in.


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