I wasn’t quite sure what to write as my first blog. I believe everybody says that as their first line for their blogs as well. If not, well, I guess I was lucky enough or loser enough. Don’t know which one could be worse!

I don’t have much to say for today. I do have lots to tell. I talk a lot, but never about what’s on my mind. I believe I keep my ideas shut at the back of my mind’s closet. Maybe, my ideas are too gay to come out. I’m gay, btw.

So, I look forward to tell all about those colorful ideas of mine. Maybe, they are not that colorful. I just want to have a chance to speak as LOUD as POSSIBLE. Hope you get my point, unknown reader.

Thanks for reading all the way down to here. If you’re bored, I totally understand. If not, you need to take some effective reading classes. Anyway, thanks and bye.



4 thoughts on “Hi.

  1. A big thank you for peeking at my post’s do hope you have chance to tweet me @ some point, i will look your post’s up as they get pub, and do teel friends as I will ok.

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